All About Billionaire Mukesh Ambani's 3 Children: Akash, Isha and Anant

 Billionaire Mukesh Ambani runs one of the biggest companies in the world, but his focus is still on his children: Akash, Isha and Anant.

The Reliance Industries chairman worked his way up in his family’s business after his father pulled him out of Stanford University, where he was studying for his master’s in business. Mukesh went on to make a fortune through his company and has held the title of the richest person in India, per Forbes, for over a decade.

In 1985, Mukesh married his wife Nita Ambani and the two soon welcomed their first children, twins Akash and Isha, on Oct. 23, 1991. Their youngest son, Anant, was born four years later on April 10, 1995.

Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani with their sons Akash Ambani and Anant Ambani, and daughter Isha Ambani at a polling station during the fourth phase of voting for national elections in Mumbai, India, on Monday, April 29, 2019.

In March 2024, Anant’s pre-wedding celebrations attracted a star-studded guest list including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, as well as their partners, and a performance by Rihanna. Though his wedding to fiancée Radhika Merchant is set for July 2024, the A-listers joined the happy couple for a three-day celebration in the luxurious Ambani Estate in Gujarat, India.

From their roles in the family business to their weddings, here’s everything to know about Mukesh Ambani’s kids, Akash, Isha and Anant.

Akash Ambani, 32

Akash Ambani and Mukesh Ambani attends the Javed Akhtar's 75th birthday celebration on January 17, 2020 in Mumbai, India.
Akash Ambani and Mukesh Ambani attends the Javed Akhtar's 75th birthday celebration on January 17, 2020 in Mumbai, India. 


Mukesh and Nita’s first son, Akash, was born on Oct. 23, 1991, alongside his twin sister Isha in Mumbai. After attending international school in Mumbai, Akash moved to the U.S. to study at Brown University, graduating in 2014 with a bachelor’s in economics. He went on to join his family’s company, Reliance, the same year.

Akash spoke about how his father inspired him when choosing a career at the IIT Bombay Techfest in December 2023.

“My father is one of my biggest inspirations and heroes,” he said. “He always wanted me to be an engineer — full disclosure I’m not an engineer. I’ve been obsessed with technology since my father got his first phone in late 2003.”

“I always think that you make life out of inspirations and I was lucky to have my inspirations right at my house in terms of my grandfather, my mother and my father,” he added.

As of 2022, Akash serves as the chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. In his role, he “spearheads the creation of products and services that leverage new-age technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things to bring about a generational shift in Commerce, Education, and Healthcare across India,” per the company’s website.

During his talk at the tech conference, Akash said that running a business is like always being in the driver’s seat of a car and he couldn’t let any distractions get in the way. Despite the stress, though, he said he enjoyed his work.

“I’ve always said that if you really don’t enjoy it, then you’re not going to get there,” he said. “Don’t be afraid of failure, I think that’s something that I’m lucky that my parents have been able to guide us and say that it’s okay if you fail, it’s important to recognize when it happens and take those steps to really change that quite quickly and course correct.”

In March 2019, Akash married his wife Shloka Mehta in a large ceremony, with a performance by Chris Martin. The attendees included Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, per Vogue India.

Isha Ambani, 32

Mukesh Ambani, Isha Ambani, and Nita Ambani attend the launch of the 'Jio World Plaza' mall in Mumbai on October 31, 2023.

Akash’s twin sister — and Mukesh and Nita’s only daughter — Isha was also born on Oct. 23, 1991. Like Akash, she also attended college in the U.S., graduating from Yale University in 2013 with a degree in psychology and South Asian studies. She then went on to earn her M.B.A. at Stanford University in 2018.

She also joined the family business and now serves as a member of the board of Reliance’s various branches, per her bio on the company’s website. Though she told Vogue Australia that she once had aspirations to be a teacher, she added that she always knew that she would contribute to Reliance in some way.

“My parents raised me with very traditional values, and it was ingrained in me from an early age that family should always come first,” she told the outlet in July 2017. “I’ve always believed that part of my personal responsibilities towards my family extends professionally as well.”

Isha added that as the only woman in her family involved with the company, she felt it was important to show other women the impact they could have in the workforce — and owed her own confidence to her father.

“However, my best role model is my father. Because of him I believe fearlessness is a virtue,” she said. “He raised me to believe I could achieve anything if I am courageous, hardworking and self-confident. He taught me there is no glass ceiling.”

In December 2018, Isha married her husband billionaire Ajay Piramal’s son, Anand Piramal. During her pre-wedding celebrationsBeyoncé performed for a star-studded guest list including Nick and Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Hillary Clinton. Bloomberg reported that Mukesh spent over $100 million on Isha’s wedding. 

Four years later, Isha gave birth to twins Krishna and Aadiya on Nov. 19, 2022.

Anant Ambani, 28

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant during the inauguration of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai on April 1, 2023..

The youngest Ambani was born on April 10, 1995. Like his older brother, Anant attended Brown University. He now serves as a director on various boards within Reliance, but mainly Reliance Industries Limited. He is passionate about focusing on green energy and public betterment, he told India Today in March 2024.

Growing up, Anant struggled with asthma which caused him to take steroids that led to weight gain, his mother told Times of India in 2017. During one of his speeches at his March 2024 pre-wedding celebrations, he thanked his parents for their support of him as his life had never been a "bed of roses" due to his health issues.

"I have faced many health crises since childhood but my father and mother have never let me feel it," he said, per Times of India. “My father and mother have always stood by me, and they have made me feel that if I think [I can do it], I’ll do it."

He continued, “That is how much my father and mother mean to me and I will be eternally grateful.”

Anant and his fiancée Radhika Merchant are set to marry in July 2024, but began celebrating with a huge party early.

The festivities included a performance by Rihanna and appearances from some of the world’s richest businessmen, including Gates and Zuckerberg who posed for a photo together. Other attendees also included Ivanka Trump and Clinton, as well as some of Bhutan’s royal family.

The celebrations were three days long and included a 9-page dress code for guests and a lavish dinner that served 51,000 people, including residents of the neighboring village.

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